I am a doctoral candidate in the Department of Sociology and Women’s & Gender Studies at Virginia Tech. I earned my master’s degree in Sociology from Virginia Tech (2015) and bachelor’s (cum laude) from Smith College in Sociology and the Study of Women & Gender (2013).

My research focuses on gender policing in seemingly-inclusive spaces, with a particular focus on trans* collegians and educational policy. My dissertation examines transgender inclusive admissions policies through a multi-method collaborative ethnography at two women’s colleges. Of particular interest, my research questions how these policies construct exclusive discourses and experiences for non-normative gender expression and embodiment, as complicated by the intersections of race, class, and sexuality.

Two projects extend my research on gender inclusion into new areas:

  1. Women’s experiences within craft beer culture, including a focus on women brewers.
  2. Trans exclusionary radical feminism and the women’s and gender studies discipline/classroom.

My research on trans* inclusive admission policies can be found in Gender & Society, Advances in Gender Research, and forthcoming in Byrd, Ovink & Brunn-Bevel’s intersectionality volume. My other work is also available in Food, Culture and Society, Journal of LGBT Youth, Sociology of Race and Ethnicity, and Research and Higher Education.

From 2017-18 I served as a co-chair for the Committee on the Advancement of Trans and Intersex Studies in Academia as part of Sociologists for Trans Justice and authored the 2018 edition of the #TransJusticeSyllabus. I have also served as the founding managing editor of Sociology of Race and Ethnicity, news editor for Sociology Lens, and co-chair of the Department of Sociology Annual Student Research Symposium. I currently serve as the Social Media Coordinator for Virginia Tech’s Women’s and Gender Studies’s bi-annual Gender, Bodies, and Technology conference.

When not in the field, I live in Blacksburg, VA with my partner Jess and miniature Jack Russell Terrier Penelope and kitten Stevie (Nicks). In my little spare time, I enjoy going to breweries, knitting, baking, golfing, and rock climbing.