At Virginia Tech, I teach Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies both online and in person. I also am able to teach Sexualities & Queer Theory; Sex & Gender; Transgender Studies; Sociology of Education; Gender, Law and Policy; Qualitative Methods; and Introduction to Sociology. 

I conceptualize my classroom as a space for students to question common sense ideas about gender and sexuality by learning from one another. As such, my teaching methods focus on three primary objectives:

(1) encouraging students to take risks and critically engage, analyze, and interrogate foundational concepts and current events;

(2) providing students the skills to interpret and communicate class ideas colloquially as a potential source of social transformation; and

(3) amplify marginalized and diverse students by posing their social problems in relation to the world.

I embrace WGS and Sociology as disciplines that engage diverse voices, experiences, and knowledges. In turn, I have been committed to ongoing training in special pedagogical training in sociology and critical feminism, attended pedagogy conferences and workshops, and assist editing the pedagogy section of Sociology of Race and Ethnicity to engage with emerging ideas on how to create a collaborative and inclusive feminist classroom.

See below for an example syllabi as well as the website for my Intro WGS course.